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Archie Johnson & Ruth Cohen

As clay yields to a potter’s touch on a spinning wheel, it is transformed from a lump of earth into a drinking vessel, a vase or perhaps a sculpture.

Altering wheel-thrown shapes and sometimes synthesizing additional segments within the scope of the work, has intrigued and inspired us. The effect creates a tension within the form, drawing focus inward and upward. It is an effective way to transition between functional pottery and pure sculptural form, capitalizing on the organic and authentic nature of the materials and the wood-firing process. Archie’s recent work, explores ways to augment this evolution by creating negative space within some pieces, allowing light to penetrate and sustain the original form.

In wood-firing, the unpredictable and whimsical flame transforms pottery with understated as well as dramatic nuances of color, atmospheric flashing (Jack Troy), patterns, ash and texture. Function and beauty are evermore intertwined.

Working in clay reminds us of our early years. On Friday evenings Archie played with clay with no rules to inhibit him. After a downpour Ruth created new masterpieces out of mud. Our imaginations were allowed to go wild. Decades later this would lead us to Pratt Institute in NYC and being schooled in the endless possibilities of clay. We’ve been mesmerized since.

A potter is one of the few people left who uses his
natural faculties of heart, head, and hand in balance
– the whole man. His is a way of life. Good pots require
the ardour of vocation and the devotion of a lifetime.
Bernard Leach
(quoted in: Out of the Fire – The Film)

Our studio is located at 1002 Bow Bridge Road in Little Meadows, PA, just one mile east of State Route 858. A large stone bearing our insignia is on our side of the road. We can be contacted at (570)623-3335 and At your leisure, we hope you will peruse our website, and find us on facebook.






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