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Kathryn LeSoine



The images you see are a collection of years of study, exploration and application of mediums.  Actually, my first love and medium was photography. I had the good fortune to have many years to hone my skills commercially and to be able to explore alternative processes spending long hours in the darkroom.  It's 20 years already since I was taken to a gallery in Atlanta showing artists who began with photographs but had added encaustic to their mix. It was thrilling to see the qualities the wax added to the feeling of the image.  I took workshops here and there and slowly but surely my photography studio morphed into an art studio filled with griddles and pigments, torches and heat guns. I've added cold wax and oil to the processes which has led me to more abstract expression of what I have seen that lives in my memories and how I feel color.


I confess I have great fondness for art supplies.  Over the years I collected oils and tools, papers & brushes for when I would retire as a photographer.  The darkroom no longer smelled like developer and became a place to store those supplies. I have everything a girl could ask for to continue to learn and grow as an artist and I can't think of anything better.  


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