Meg Conner

My work is strongly influenced by the colors, patterns, and textures I see in the natural world. The veins of a leaf or the texture of eroded stone represent growth and the passage of time, ideas that find expression in the carved and stamped surfaces of my pottery and the textural compositions of my tiles. 


I aim to make pottery that is beautiful, functional, and durable. My stoneware vessels are primarily wheel-thrown and are made to be used and enjoyed on a daily basis. My tile and sculptural works are hand-built using coils and textured slabs, and are decorated with colored slips and stains. 


Currently, my work focuses on the theme of landscape. I am interested in exploring the connections between our physical and emotional landscapes. This work has been greatly influenced by my master’s thesis research into pottery-making cultures of the Southwest and their connections to the earth. I am continually struck by the austere beauty and solitude of the Southwest, as well as the lush landscapes found here in the Northeast, and have tried to capture a sense of the mystery of these contrasting landscapes in my tile compositions. The subtle tones and textures suggest memories of the land, reminding us of our hidden connections to the natural world.  


During the school year, I live and teach near Ithaca, NY. In the summer (and occasionally throughout the school year) I can be found making pottery here in Pennsylvania on the hundred-acre farm where I grew up. My studio occupies one of the old out-buildings of the family homestead that dates back to the earliest settlers of Susquehanna County. The rest of the "farm" is home to Tall Pines Farm Stoves and Fireplaces, the family business that my parents started here in 1978. My studio is number 9 on the tour map -- look for the black number sign beneath the "Tall Pines Farm" sign when you visit my studio during the tour weekend.


Directions: My studio is located at Tall Pines Farm on Route 167 between Montrose and Brooklyn, PA. From the SR 706/167 junction just east of Montrose, take SR 167 South for 2.5 miles. Tall Pines Farm is located on the left. If you are coming from the South, take 167 north about 4 miles past Brooklyn and you will find us on the right, just past a large red barn and a white farmhouse. Google directions can be found here: 41.807424,-75.804083  PLEASE NOTE: If you are traveling from Kingsley, PA please be aware that Wickizer Road is closed just before it junctions with Rt 167 due to bridge repair. Do NOT take SR2055 from Kingsley. Instead, take SR2024 to Brooklyn, then take Rt 167 north from there.


If you have any questions, please call me at 607-262-4330 or email me at You can also find me on the web at During the weekend of the tour, you may also call Tall Pines Farm for information at 570-278-3071.


I am delighted to return to the Artist's Open House Weekend Tour this year and look forward to welcoming visitors to my studio. On Monday I will be demonstrating throwing bowls on the potter's wheel.