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Richard R. Marker

I always had a desire to express myself by means of simple forms of art, coloring pictures in coloring books or sketching characters on scraps of paper. I was very proud of the fact that I stayed inside of the lines. Getting welcomed and appreciated compliments, encouraging my confidence.


As time progressed a desire developed to create further detailed subject matter. I made a few attempts at acquiring instruction at the local Boy’s Club and in school. However the instructors always insisted on changing my technique which challenged my ability of expression. This directed me toward resorting to my own methods to expand and develop my individual technique.


During this development phase I observed many other aspiring and accomplished artists, focusing on one, who inspired and stimulated my desire to emulate, that of Norman Rockwell. 


After numerous and frustrating efforts I just could not accomplish a direction, until one day I observed the Grandfather of my very good friend, replicating oil paintings of jigsaw puzzle pictures, with a very exacting detailed representation. A spark was ignited and I now had a course and a method. I was then doing etchings of a variety of subjects eventually concentrating on portraits.


I believe that I am continuing to develop, and have not quite mastered my technique, however with each subject I see new definition and details, driving and challenging my methods to a higher standard of accomplishing a sincere portrayal.

Phone (570) 465-7230, email, facebook Portraits in Graphite by Richard R. Marker.

Location: St. Paul’s Episcopal Church
276 Church Street, Montrose
Latitude 41.83204 Longitude -75.87738

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