Archie Johnson & Ruth Cohen




Little Meadows, Pennsylvania has been the home of MUD AND FIRE POTTERS for more than 1½ decades.  The serene Endless Mountains with their breathtaking seasonal grandeur frame the site, creating a textbook background for the studio.  Daily scenes of local wildlife complete the everyday natural environment that is so enjoyed.


Throwing pots and wood-firing in The Firefly, our well-seasoned kiln, remain at the forefront of studio life.  Weeks and sometimes months after transforming a lump of clay into bowls, teapots, vases or sculptural forms, the time to wood-fire arrives, only to be followed by the anticipation of unloading the kiln.  This never fails to generate a renewed sense of awe and accomplishment in this centuries-old art form and craft. This much used kiln yields wonderful shino glazes with a modest amount of ash.


Our studio produces pottery that has slowly evolved into a unique and recognizable style characterized by a simplicity of form, shell markings and stamps, and distinctive surfaces textures.


Cupping a hand-crafted tea bowl as it slowly reaches your lips is a powerful and personal experience.  It adds a small touch of warmth and beauty to the sensation of sipping your favorite beverage.


Our studio is located at 1002 Bow Bridge Road, just one mile east of Route 858.  A large stone bearing our insignia is on our side of the road. We can be contacted at (570)623-3335 and  At your leisure, we hope you will peruse our website, and find us on facebook.  

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