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Anthony Palombaro

AP Handcrafted

My name is Anthony Palombaro and I live in Brackney PA.  Since my retirement I have embraced woodturning to satisfy my desire to create in 3 dimensions.  I use local wood including ash, oak, cherry, locust, maple, beech, and black walnut.  I enjoy starting with the tree, cutting the logs into blanks, and then turning them into pieces that are graceful, yet utilitarian, always striving to show off the beauty of the natural wood. These food safe creations are made to be used and are finished with a filtered, heat cured walnut oil that dries hard.  This finish can be easily reapplied as needed by anyone that ends up with my pieces so they can use and enjoy them for many years.  


More recently I began exploring the artform side of wood turning… experimenting with colors, figures, abstracts, multi-axis turnings and creations made from glued up segments, combined with epoxy resins, or turned pieces that are then cut up and reassembled into interesting visual and solid forms. I hope you enjoy what I have created and if you have any questions or have trees you would like to memorialize by turning them into something you can enjoy every day, please get in touch.  (607) – 727-1826 or 


20159 SR 167, Brackney
Latitude 41.934742 Longitude -75.947638
On PA-167 between Pops Hobby Road and South Silver Lake Road

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