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Jennifer Flaherty

I find working on the wheel to be a meditative and therapeutic process.  It forces me to slow down and focus my attention on the clay as it moves between my fingers.  Each movement yields a different result and has an impact on the final piece. The repetitive, rhythmic process of wedging, centering, and forming all help to bring me to my center as well.  As a mother of two young boys, a wife and high school art teacher, this time to slow down and create is invaluable.

After a decade of working with clay, I continue to explore the endless possibilities that this simple medium presents.  Variations in form, texture and finish spark my curiosity and often lead my work in new directions. I am drawn to and throw functional pieces that are inspired by my home, my daily routines and family celebrations.  Whether it be a mug, bowl, vase, or pitcher, I create pottery that is meant to bring joy to the process of making and enhance the everyday experience.

My work will be on display, alongside the work of Archie Johnson and Ruth Cohen, at Mud and Fire Potters Studio in Little Meadows. The studio is located at 1002 Bow Bridge Road, just one mile east of Route 858. A large stone bearing the studio insignia is on the studio side of the road.  

Due to COVID-19, masks are required to visit the studio.

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