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Maureen Van Nostrand

Maureen Van Nostrand will have her studio open outside again, weather permitting, so that you can see firsthand where she draws her inspiration from the landscape. Maureen is a full-time artist who will have on display beautiful, classic oil paintings of peaceful lands from near and far, life-like still life paintings, majestic buildings, and many different animals on traditional and very unique sized canvases.

Also, Saint Joe’s Winery will be at her studio on Saturday! Saint Joe’s Winery is a family run winery located in Friendsville, so stop by and try their amazing wines!


She always welcomes your ideas for your own personal piece of art that you'd like aseither a gift idea for someone else, or for your own house to complement your room's style with that conversation piece you've been looking for.  Whether it's your beloved pet, favorite landscape, a unique still life, or a classic oil portrait, Maureen can turn your pictures into a beautiful oil painting that can be cherished forever.


Curb-side pick-up is always welcome as well. Her studio is located 1.3 miles out on Route 167 South from Route 706 East in Montrose. She can be contacted at phone number (570)-278-4590, email, and her website She looks forward to seeing you Columbus Weekend!


Visa, Mastercard and Discover accepted.

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