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Betty Bryden


Betty has been working in collage for several years employing the technique of paste paper alteration to her papers along with painting to achieve unique patterns and textures that become the basis for her abstract landscapes. Handmade papers have been an attraction for her work for several decades, first as a delicate surface for painting in ink and watercolor and now as a sturdy surface for achieving texture and bold strokes.


The landscape offers endless possibilities for inspiration; it also seems to want to be fiddled with, reduced to basic design elements found there - this is a constant delight to observe and capture.


Betty attended college in Boston in the late 60's with an emphasis on commercial art while taking classes at the Museum School in painting. She has always been involved with the arts - with galleries in New York State and Maine and now Montrose. PA. She has exhibited her own work most recently at VIEW in Old Forge, New York and at CANO in Oneonta. Her work can always be found in the Butternut Gallery & Second Story Books.


While she would like to think of herself as a full time painter she spends a lot of time doing the other thing she likes best which is offering opportunities to artists to exhibit and nurture their own work.

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