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Eric Van Tassel

Artist’s Statement:

I have been taking photographs of the expanses, details and stories of the world in which I have been blessed to interact for as long as I can remember. My grandmother was a source of great inspiration for our family, not only to get out and see the wonder and majesty of the world around us, but to also capture those discoveries and moments on film; a means to forever remember and to share with others the experiences of our travels throughout life and this land we have the privilege of exploring. I have followed her example, and absorbed her philosophy establishing the importance of seeing as many of the unique characteristics, compositions, annals and instances that occur in the natural and built environment as one can in a lifetime.


For most of my life, the images I captured while experiencing the world through a viewfinder merely documented where I had been and the things I had seen. Although the product may have been pleasing to the eye, the intent of the photograph was lacking in depth and purpose. Recently, I have been more intentional about the entire process of creating a photo, which has transformed my shallow records of a time and a place into perceptive devices with the potential to incite emotion and provoke thought. From the initial notion of the specific journey, to the preparation and planning of the adventure, to the setup and conceptualization of the scene, to the action of capturing light and the process of turning the frame into an entity that reveals the story and the sentiment, I now immerse myself in the complete procedure that transforms a one-dimensional piece into a dynamic work of art.


The complete and intentional procedure has enabled me to open my senses to the matchless impression of the subject, immerse myself in the photograph, and add my own creativity and character to the narrative. Not only am I able to better appreciate the experience and the capture, others who view the composition are also able to achieve a more profound understanding of the account. My goal is to continue to experience everything this world has to offer, and produce images to share those experiences and convey my emotion and the insight I was able to gain throughout the entire process.

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