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Rachael Van Tassel

Looking for the beauty in the simple things, Rachael has used various media to reflect her introspective view of the world.

Recently she has been working within the mandala form, which offers a structure of balance and symmetry. “Mandala” is the Sanskrit word for “circle,” used in many cultural and healing contexts. A mandala can be very centering and meditative by nature in both the experience of the creative process and the aesthetic of the final product.

This year Rachael has been focusing on fiber materials, designing crochet mandalas and attaching them to hoops. There is currently a 6 month waiting list for anyone who wants to purchase a custom made wine barrel hoop mandala, but Rachael has been working hard to make inventory of crochet mandalas of all sizes available for Artists’ Tour patrons!

Find more information about Rachael and her artworks here:

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