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In Memory of Betty Bryden

milkweed 044.jpeg

On April 15, 2021, Betty Bryden left behind a world she had made more beautiful by her many years of artistic creation.  A founding member of the Artists’ Open House Weekend, Betty had a positive influence on the success and direction of this annual event.  She used her talent to design most of the tour’s 24 years of brochures.  As a director of the tour for many years, she was instrumental in attracting new talent and helping the tour grow.  Her own artistic work included pen/ink and watercolor drawings on handmade papers, collages made with her own paste-paper creations, jewelry and greeting cards.  She will be missed by the many tour-goers who looked forward to visiting her and seeing her newest work.  She will also be missed by the art community for her inspiration and encouragement.

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